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2 years ago

Buy online RC Helicopters and Planes at

RcBazaar was launched to cater to the fast growing market of what we call a passion. In simple terms it’s the vast world of radio controlled model aircrafts and helicopters. It’s a world that offers you the power to fly – in your hand.

At RcBazaar we currently stock a huge range of electric planes, electric gliders balsa, fibreglass and foam planes. Our core focus has also been on helicopters, motors, accessories and spare parts and our stocks are the largest in India till date in this segment. In the future we also plan to introduce RC cars, boats and more – for you to enjoy life even better.

For the first time in India at RcBazaar website you will notice that we have a Realtime Stock Control System in place. Which will always show you at a glance what exactly is in stock and what is not, and what is in transit (green in sock, orange in close to getting out of stock and red is out of stock). We recognize this as an important facet of enjoying your hobby – the worst thing is placing an order and then finding out the next day that the model or spare part you wanted is no longer available.

Another first time ever in India on this website, is that we have incorporated a Dynamic Weight Calculator System. In other words it’s basically a Money Saver. For instance, all courier agencies normally ship in round figures, 500 gms, 1 kilogram, etc., so if you buy a model or spare part that weighs 300 gms, you still have 200 gms worth of shipping, so you can buy something that you may that fits into the remaining weight, and that part in a sense is shipped free of cost – we only charge you for what you have ordered and our system will list you the items within this 200 gms free shipping weight.

All that we can now say is browse our site choose what you want and kick start your life into a passion!

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2 years ago

RC Helicopter in India

The word RC stands for radio controlled. RC helicopters are modest accurate models of the true one. They are created sleekly sound for flying. Flight control is done by using a remote control instrument. After you have mastered the skills of flying a Radio Controlled airplane, and you still feel the need for an even greater adrenalin race, you may want to consider the RC helicopter subsequently. All radio controlled helicopter lovers will tell that flying RC helicopters is the most exciting and fascinating of all RC models. The only limitation to your enthusiasm and flying pleasure is your skill level, the fly area available and the complexity of your RC helicopter model.

RC helicopters are available in great varieties. This variety can be in terms of design, source of power, material used in making components, price or size. A new buyer should look at all these factors before selecting any rc helicopter. Big size RC helicopters are not only best for beginners but for all RC enthusiasts, they have many qualities that help beginners and even trained people in flying. Electric RC helicopters have become the fastest-growing segment of the world of RC autos. There are more RC helicopters on the market now than ever before, and the prices have dropped significantly due to lots of makers in the market.

Radio controlled helicopters which are generally known as RC Helicopters are prototypical aircraft that are available in distinct varieties and compositions. Remote controlled helicopters are operated by users with the use of remote control because of the small servo motors that have been put in a specific part of the aircraft. Most people who operate RC helicopters do this for purposes of entertainment.

RC helicopters are controlled by using a transmitter (this is where any action that you perform when flying the helicopter is introduced), which sends signals to the receiver, which then transmits them to various electronic servos. RC helicopters can be classified into two major types - single rotor helis and co-axial RC helis. Single rotor RC helis are further divided into fixed pitch or collective pitch helicopters. Pitch relates to the way the main rotor is controlled. Coaxial RC Helis are the most fundamentally stable type of RC helicopters. They have two counter rotating blades that powered by two separate brushed motors. These types of RC Helis are capable of moving from side to side or a lateral motion. They fly very rapidly and they are more vulnerable to the wind to drag them off and these are most suitable ones for RC helimodelling.

The RC helicopters are one of the most common RC hobby toys in the market in recent times and they come in a very broad range of rates and varieties. A great variety of RC helicopters are available these days. This variety includes those with different styles, made of different materials, with different power sources, in different price amounts and sizes. In the hobby market, you will readily find a variety of small, medium and large-sized rc helis for helimodelling. As far as styles and flying are concerned, large RC helicopters are more realistic and stable. Even if you are very comfortable with RC airplanes, you will find flying an RC helicopter is a whole new ball game.

If you want to know what the best RC helis is for someone who has never engaged in RC hobby, then there is no one answering that satisfies everyone. There are factors to be considered to be able you to know what is the best RC helicopter available in the market like your budget, target location, intention, vision etc. RC helicopters for beginners are generally easier to master than the more advanced RC Helis, but quite a few things can go wrong when you do your first indoor training flights.

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2 years ago

Best Online Hobby Store in India

Best Online Hobby Store in India

A radio controlled airplane (RC Plane) is a small flying aircraft that is controlled remotely by an operator on the ground using a hand-held remote controller. The transmitter communicates with a receiver within the RC plane that sends signals to servos which move the control surfaces based on the position of joysticks on the transmitter. The control surfaces, in turn, affect the orientation of the plane.

Radio control airplanes are getting more and more common these days. Flying them is a hobby that involves gender, age and cultural differences. For the people who are into flying RC airplanes or helicopters, there is that surge of excitement going through their entire bodies. These remote controlled machines come in different price tags, sizes, specifications models as well as functions. The price of any remote control airplane mainly depends on the functions, size and features.

Understanding the different RC plane parts is the first step you should take if you want to enter this amazing world of RC plane flying. This is essential because RC aircraft come in different shapes and sizes. Learning about the different kinds of remote controlled airplanes and getting to know the basics of RC planes parts will help in choosing your right plane. You can look at specialty hobby shops as well as online hobby stores  and gain access to a wide variety of choices of planes for beginners as well as enhanced and far more complicated planes for those who are simply moving on to the next level with their hobby. There are RC planes that can fly inside the house and ones that need bigger space which is ideal for open-air flying. It is strongly advised that beginners start with electric powered planes as they are simple to handle and comparatively economical.

While buying rc planes you need to consider whether it is reparable and parts availability. With the higher possibility of crashing it will be very important to have RC model that you will be able to easily repair. There are number of places where you can buy RC planes.  There are many online hobby stores that are known and trusted dealers of RC products.  RcBazaar is one of the largest and coolest hobby super stores dedicated to RC Aircrafts, helicopters, jets, RC cars, boats, spares and accessories. They have variety of models, ranges for all your needs and are affordable for your budget.

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2 years ago

RC Hobby Stores in India

Many people need to be occupied, active and entertained in their free time and turn into a hobbyist. There are hundreds and hundreds of hobbies, and one very popular hobby features RC hobbies. The most thrilling hobbies and interests nowadays are playing with Remote controlled vehicles like planes and helicopters. RC hobbies can be far more expensive, particularly when grown up boys and girls want to play. Radio controlled planes, helis, cars and boats are extremely popular nowadays. Remote control cars and boats can be unsophisticated, compared to planes and helis.  These vehicles are battery or electric powered and radio controlled by an operator at a distance away with a specialized transmitter.

RC hobby, which is taking up playing RC toys/cars/helis/airplanes as a hobby, can entertain and give you a thrilling experience. There is a wide range of cars, helicopters, airplanes, boats, sailboats etc. Many hobby enthusiasts start out with rc cars or boats that are run on the ground or water rather than in the air, because they are easier. Some hobby enthusiasts love these RC terrain vehicles so much that they never think of the RC vehicles that are played in the air. There is also various sizes available. These vehicles are of higher quality, look like the authentic real vehicles, and are very comprehensive in specifications and design.

The most amazing news about this hobby is that due to the large competition between companies that manufacture these hobby vehicles, the prices of the RC hobby products are now more reasonable than before. It is essential to understand that any type of hobby products can be costly if you are not careful; however, with proper planning and a willingness to stay within your price range, you might be surprised at the number of vehicles you can purchase. These hobby products are taking the spotlight for a great hobby arena, not only for kids but also for grownups.

Regardless of whether you enjoy flying remote control airplanes or racing remote control cars, looking into trustworthy RC hobbies stores should always be in your best interest. When looking at RC hobby stores in India, make yourself aware that there are so many online hobby shops are available to you. You can check out the prices of the RC products in visiting these stores online. Along with the price you should also check their shipping policies and charges. Once you are fully convinced with the prices and shipping formalities, you can come to the conclusion of purchasing of RC products.

RC Bazaar is one of the coolest hobby shops in India for all types of RC planes, helicopters, aeromodelling, helimodelling, cars, boats etc. Visit this hobby store online to find out the best deals at